Jubiter – What are multi-asset wallets?


How Do I Acquire a Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet?

Whether you’re new to crypto or you’re a veteran, it’s always good to have a multi-asset crypto wallet that can support all of your needs. However, it can be difficult to know exactly which crypto wallet to trust. With so many available, sometimes the whole process can be overwhelming. Luckily, Jubiter functions as an exchange that also offers a crypto wallet to those who’d prefer to keep their hard-earned crypto in a place that they trust. Of course, since Jubiter likes to offer its clients options, sending your crypto to another wallet is supported as well.

What’s the Easiest Way I Can Buy Crypto with a Credit Card?

Although the world of crypto is booming, there’s one thing that the crypto community hasn’t quite figured out yet – how to make buying Litecoin [LTC] and Bitcoin [BTC] easier for new people. With many exchanges, the only way to buy cryptocurrency is to trade for it with other types of crypto. Obviously, this is impossible when you haven’t yet acquired any. The barrier to entry can be astronomical – but not when you’ve chosen to use Jubiter as your exchange. Because this exchange allows people to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin with their credit cards or debit cards, it definitely provides an easier first step for those who want to become involved in crypto.

Security Is Key

In crypto, security is essential. Although the community is relatively new, we have seen what happens when platforms and providers are lax about security. Jubiter, on the other hand, prioritizes security above all else. Every day and in every way, the team is sussing out different methods to improve security. They realize that customers’ personal data must be kept safe, and they run their business accordingly.

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For many exchanges, making sure that they


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