CoinMarketCap partners with Kind Ads to accept payment for advertisements


CoinMarketCap [CMC] has incorporated Kind tokens as a medium of payment for ads posted on its platform.

A statement on the company’s blog reads:

“So for a start, in addition to accepting payments for ads in BTC and ETH (and fiat), we will now also accept payments for ads in Kind Tokens”.

CMC explains that this latest development was motivated by Kind Ads’ vision towards a decentralized ad ecosystem in crypto publishers.

The post elaborates on the fact that the ultimate goals of Kind Ads distinguishes itself as something that the platform can relate to. This is the goal that focuses on making the internet more “kind” by introducing an advertising system that delivers only relevant ads to end users.

In line with the benefits of blockchain technology and the fundamental solutions that it attracts, the Kind Ads model offers publishers and advertisers an opportunity to connect directly. This eliminates the complications and cost implications associated with intermediaries and other forms of third parties.

This same model returns data control powers back to users who represent the original owners of such data. Therefore, besides publishers and advertisers, regular users who have hitherto existed as ordinary passers-by can now exert control over their data and interests.

A commitment to users

Being an ad-supported platform, CoinMarketCap understands its users’ disposition and its responsibility to ensure convenient user experience. Hence its continuous efforts to improve the quality of service delivered. Therefore, the partnership with Kind Ads is targeted at improving these ads services overall. It is also aimed at becoming a formidable avenue to involve platform users and understanding their needs.

According to the announcement, the choice for Kind Ads evolves from conscious research and consideration of the pros and cons of several blockchain based ads platforms. The platform helps in solving the rampant problems of intrusive advertising systems that


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