Bitcoin proponent: The only two choices in current voting system are red Goldman Sachs vs blue Goldman Sachs


Andreas Antonopoulos, a well-known Bitcoin proponent and author of Mastering Bitcoin, spoke about Ryan Bundy, a candidate for governor of Nevada and his plans on implementing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to solve the problems encountered by people, in his recent Q&A video on Youtube.

Antonopoulos was asked about his suggestions on implementing blockchain governance into the current government. This was followed after the statement about Ryan Bundy planning on bringing blockchain into government first.

The governor candidate wants to introduce Nevada insured metals-backed cryptocurrency and plans to educate, incubate and promote the use of blockchain technology in the state. He plans on creating a crypto-friendly environment, and encourage crypto-influencers to visit and develop their business in the state.

Antonopoulos stated that he does not think that blockchain can fundamentally change the governance system until they are decentralized. He went on to say:

“Most of the proposals I hear from people in this space who grabbed the word blockchain are indistinguishable from simply saying database or cloud this is a simple litmus test. Take the proposal of your favorite new blockchain system that someone’s proposed in government replace the word blockchain with database and if it still reads correctly, it’s not really anything interesting.”

He continued to say that it would be a highly centralized database, wherein the responsibility will be given to one party and that this is “business as usual with a sprinkling of fairy dust” on top. Antonopoulos added that all the government-driven blockchain projects he has come across so far are fundamentally about asserting control over the blockchain. This means that their business would continue to be the same, except with the disguise of being something revolutionary.

Antonopoulos further stated:

“They’re not at the moment. We can’t even get people to use this as money without sacrificing their independence and autonomy because they,


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